2001 An Overrated Space Odyssey 

Sweet fucking christ, I can not understand, why so many people praise this boring piece of shit.

I have to believe, most of them haven’t ever seen it all the way through, or do not want to fly in the face of popular opinion, and say it sucks.

It sure does suck though.

People tend to complain, when a movie tries to cram too much story into a feature. This is the polar opposite.

So open to interpretation, it really seems like a cop out of having to string together a narrative or coherent plot.

Scenes that could have been over and done with after three minutes max gets drawn out to ten minutes of agony.

I agree, the effects (both for the time and the present) hold up extremely well.

But that can only get you so far, before something resembling a plot needs to join the movie.

Every time I (or others) voice this opinion, we are met with “go watch your Transformers” and other dumb crap. This shit is too high a level for you.


First off, I hate the Transformers movies.

Second, that´s an easy way out of an argument for you.

I can write pages about, why I hate this movie, but have yet to meet someone, who could explain, why they think it´s sky high fucking art.

Face it: it´s style without real substance, it´s been put on a piedestal, and people dare not voice their real opinion for fear of sounding like they “didn´t get it”.

There is nothing here to get, so let yourself enjoy your contempt towards this prolonged self-fellatio of a movie.

This is a test for this blog thingie


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36 year old guy from Denmark. I like all kinds of music and movies, but a pet peeve of mine is overrated movies, that simply get universal praise, despite being truly unworthy of it.

3 thoughts on “2001 An Overrated Space Odyssey ”

  1. Oh my hgoenge81,

    You have every reason to wonder what is going on in this movie… I really enjoyed it. Not for the seemingly non existent plot, but for the photography, editing, and direction. I have probably watched this movie at least a dozen times, the first hour and a half is great, the ending kinda spirals out of control.

    The computer sequences always caught my attention, as did the spacecraft portrayals. I saw this movie in the theaters when it was released in 1968 and was just amazed at the progressive filming techniques used. This is pre Star Wars and it looks great, no action, no Transformers (which by the way I watched and wondered what was going on most of the time, way too busy…), no real character development, which in all honesty is what I think Kubrick was after. Focus on the computer (HAL) and the technology and watch as it destroys man.

    A couple of years ago I experimented with a sort of ‘future tech computer screen readout’ that I made with my iMac, ‘Final Cut Pro X’, ‘Blender’ and ‘Motion 5’ software and posted it (along with 3 others) to Youtube. Check it out, lots of views and good reviews for 10 hours of work and a final 3 minute video. ..https://youtu.be/sT9R34SRvGQ….

    I am now following your site BTW.

    My next project will probably be the dubbing over of the Alaskan Bush People, just trying to find the right clip on Youtube and the right voice to use, it is actually quite simple to do, just need a funny script to start…

    Ok, back to 2001, watch the first 20 minutes of the film, the ‘Dawn Of Man’, it is captivating in it’s ability to force the viewer to figure out what is going on ( and it is basically the ‘dawn of man’, his ability to finally gain awareness of his situation)… Then the trip to Jupiter and HAL killing the crew and locking the poor guy out of the spacecraft, I found that to be powerful scenes IMO…

    Movies I think are overrated ? I hate most Robin Williams films and I think that ‘Mrs. Doubtfire’ is possibly the worst feature movie ever made, right next to ‘Popeye’… haha… Most people fall over themselves trying to convince you that Mr Williams is comic genius gold, he is funny occasionally, but just not much to me…🙂


    P.S. thanks for all the positive comments over on my site… Much appreciated !!!

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    1. Hehe well I have tried a couple of times, and have simply reached the conclusion, that I gave it a try (well two actually. Watched the whole thing twice all in all) and it is simply not for Me.
      Now I can easily recognize, that Kubrick made the exact film, he set out to make, and in that way, I agree that is great. Kudos to him. 👍🏻
      And I actually don’t mind, if the viewer has to put a little effort into understanding the film. I just feel that too much is left to interpretation, and therefore more becomes a showing off of effects. Which I also think holds up today. The main reason I watch movies is for some character development and some cohesive narrative, and not what almost boils down to a slideshow half the time. 😂
      But my main source of irritation is the reaction most people dish out, whenever anyone dares to dislike it. “Go back to your Transformers” and whatever they say. Well I have only made it through the first of those, so 2001 is still in front concerning complete watches. Ppl say I probably don’t get it, and they may be right. I think I get it so far as to, I get it’s welcoming, even demanding, individual interpretation.
      But that argument is pointless, and so I’m left with searching how I feel, when watching. Am I interested? Confused? Inspired to “get it”?
      The answer is bored to tears. And that is just not a movie for Me.
      Now you present your arguments intelligently and without caps lock, and I can see, what you’re saying. Makes sense. I just dont feel it.
      First time I saw it was because of the universal praise.
      Second time to convince Myself, I had missed something.
      There won’t be a third time haha. But I am glad You like it. In fact, I have a blu ray copy, you can have for free hehe. 😉
      I’ll stick with my beloved Star Wars movies. 😊

      Thanx for the follow. Not much there yet, but it will come. Want to write reviews of other (in my opinion) vastly overrated movies. More precisely Interstellar, The Avengers and The Dark Knight Rises. Hate those movies haha.😊

      And no problem concerning my positive feedback. Trust Me, I would not take the time to write it, if I didn’t mean it. 👍🏻😊

      C ya. Peace. H

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