2001 An Overrated Space Odyssey 

Sweet fucking christ, I can not understand, why so many people praise this boring piece of shit.

I have to believe, most of them haven’t ever seen it all the way through, or do not want to fly in the face of popular opinion, and say it sucks.

It sure does suck though.

People tend to complain, when a movie tries to cram too much story into a feature. This is the polar opposite.

So open to interpretation, it really seems like a cop out of having to string together a narrative or coherent plot.

Scenes that could have been over and done with after three minutes max gets drawn out to ten minutes of agony.

I agree, the effects (both for the time and the present) hold up extremely well.

But that can only get you so far, before something resembling a plot needs to join the movie.

Every time I (or others) voice this opinion, we are met with “go watch your Transformers” and other dumb crap. This shit is too high a level for you.


First off, I hate the Transformers movies.

Second, that´s an easy way out of an argument for you.

I can write pages about, why I hate this movie, but have yet to meet someone, who could explain, why they think it´s sky high fucking art.

Face it: it´s style without real substance, it´s been put on a piedestal, and people dare not voice their real opinion for fear of sounding like they “didn´t get it”.

There is nothing here to get, so let yourself enjoy your contempt towards this prolonged self-fellatio of a movie.

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